Ispravljači 48V DC za telco

Rectifier AC/DC
DC48V power supply

GAMATRONIC 1UDC+ Power System -48VDC

The Gamatronic 1U DC+ power system provides clean DC power to sensitive equipment while simultaneously charging the battery bank, and supplying backup power during mains failure.

The 1U DC+ contains a 19” 1 U subrack that can house up to 3 hot-plugged rectifiers, or 2 rectifiers + controller and an LVD device.

Max system capacity: Up to 13 subrack (38 rectifiers + controller), 1266 A with height of 13 U.

Basic shelf: 1U DC+ type I – includes a 19” 1U shelf (subrack) with up to 3 rectifiers.

Electronic Basic shelf:

1U DC +type II – includes a 19” 3U shelf with up to 2 rectifiers + SC
1UDC+ controller and an Electronic LVD device.

Main Features:

• 100A for each 1U shelf
• Intelligent power module, digitally controlled
• One to three hot-swap rectifiers in each shelf
• Active current sharing among rectifiers
• Universal input voltage
• A built-in dual 70 A Electronic Low Voltage Disconnect device (ELVD) for battery protection
• Option to connect 2 external LVD contactors up to 1600 A
• A high-performance, hot-swap system controller (SC 1UDC+) to measure, monitor and control voltages, current, power, battery, temperature, etc.
• USB (SC1U DC+) or TCP/IP+USB communication (SC 1UDC+ NET)
• Temperature compensation enhances battery life
• Battery current limit
• Up to two battery sets handled in one system
• Automatic and pre-programmed battery test (for each battery set)
• Automatic and pre-programmed equalized charging mode
• Comprehensive remote control and monitoring system using a dedicated graphical user interface (GeMSi, PSM-1UDC+)
• Breaking alert by modem (optional)

Tehnički podaci:



Nominal voltage

185 to 275 VAC

Permitted variation

 85 to 300 VAC

Maximum current (at full load)1

N*10 A


 47 to 63 Hz

Power factor (at full load)

≥ 0.99

Maximum configuration

38 rectifier modules + controller,

(1255 A, 54 V, 68.4 kW)

Voltage (default)

54 ±0.2 VDC

Adjustable range

47 to 58 VDC

Regulation (line & load)

±0.5 %; ±0.25 % with controller

Nominal Current 1

N*33.3 A (Vin>195 VAC)

N*16 A (Vin=110 VAC)

Ripple&noise @BW=30MHz

200 mV p-p, 40 mVrms

Psophometric noise

-52 dbm over 600 Ώ (<2 mV)

Efficiency:         (nominal load)

up to 95.2 %

                                  (50 % load)

up to 96.2 %

Overload current 1

N*35 A (Vin>200 VAC)

(Short circuit current, Vo=0)

<N*20 A (Vin=230 VAC)

Over-voltage protection

59.5 V

Walk-in time

10 s

Hold-up time
@ nominal input

20 ms (90% load,

output decays to 46 V)

Output current indication

Alpha-numeric LCD on the system controller, 4 LEDs on each module

Active current sharing

 ±10 % accuracy at full load

System controller 2

Full status monitoring and communication with a PC, dedicated GUI, USB, RJ47

Withstand voltage (1 min) 3


Operating temperature

 -10 to 70 °C (output de-rated at >50 °C by 5 % / °C)


 <95 % non-condensing, equipped with standard PS1UDC+ rack

Storage temperature

-20 ~ 80 °C


ETSI, EN 300 386 V1.5.1 (2010-05), EN 55022 Class B,
EN 61000-4-2/3/4/5/6/11, EN 61000-3-2 and EN 61000-3-5


Conforms to IEC 90652

Dimensions:        Sub-rack

19” (W) x 1U (H) x 320 mm (D) w/o terminals (360 mm with terminals)

Rectifier module

148 mm (W) x 44 mm (H) x 260 mm (D)

Weight (kg):       Sub-rack 1

(N*1.4 kg)+4.2 kg (fully equipped system – max. 11.2 kg)

Rectifier module

 1.4 kg

Max. current withstand

2×70 ADC or 1×120 AAC


1.   N=number of modules.                2.   The basic shelf has a system controller.

3.   Equivalent dc test voltage is applied to overcome Y-capacitors’ leakage current to ground.  Output is floating (not grounded) during test.
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