DC/DC konvertori

 DC/DC Konvertori

Rectifier AC/DC, DC/DC Converter
DC48V power supply
DC/DC Converter

DC/DC Converter

This DC-DC converter module converts a nominal 48V (42V-61.5V) into 24V (25A maximum) accurate voltage at the output.

The unit comes with the option to set several similar modules in parallelTelecom Rectifier in order to gain more power and redundant operation (N+1).

Output voltage is set by a single trimmer-potentiometer, using a small screwdriver.

Each DC to DC Power Converter is protected against input low/high voltage, output over-voltage, over temperature and output over-load.

A low-voltage-disconnect (LVD) is included at the input stage to protect the potential battery at the input from being deeply discharged.

Galvanic isolation between input and output. There are four leds in the front panel which indicate the load level.

The DC Transformers are protected against input low/high voltage, output over-voltage, over temperature and output overload or shorting (short circuit). Each unit is Hot-Swap, 3 units in a 1U, 19″ shelf (total 1,800W per shelf).

INPUT Single Dc-Dc 48-24 Module
Voltage range 42÷ 61.5VDC
Current 17A (max)
Efficiency >88%p
Protection 47÷63 Hz
Low Voltage >60 sec
Restart operation 0.99
Voltage 24VDC
Current limit 25A (folds back to 9A at shortcircuit)
Voltage adjustment ±5%
Voltage regulation ±1%
Ripple 50mVrms
Protection Over load, output OVP, Over-temperature
Display 4 LED bar-graph display the load level
Parallel operation Active current-sharing
Ambient temperature -10÷50°C
Humidity 0-95 %
Dimensions (mm) 146 (W); 44 (H); 260 (D) 0.8
Weight (Kg)
Withstand voltage Input – Output: 1500VDC
Input – chassis: 1500VDC
Output – chassis: 1500VDC
Cooling Forced, fan speed control
Safety IEC950, EN60950
EMC EN55022, EN6100-4-2
2,3,4,5,6,11 ,EN61000-3-2
EN6100-3-2, EN61000-3-3
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