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Wired Mics

Match the requirements of any application with a variety of tabletop microphone options, providing the highest-quality conferencing audio.

ClearOne Delta Microphone - professional conferencign audio
ClearOne Delta Microphone – professional conferencign audio

Delta MicrophoneThe Delta Mic’s sleek design accentuates teleconferencing applications that demand high-performance audio quality. The compact form factor is ideal for conference tables requiring minimum visibility, while still housing three, unidirectional microphones for full, 360-degree pickup.

ClearOne Tabletop Microphone - professional conferenceing audio
ClearOne Tabletop Microphone – professional conferenceing audio 
Tabletop MicrophoneThe Tabletop Mic is perfect for teleconferencing applications that demand high-performance audio quality with minimal microphone visibility. The small size of these unidirectional mics belies the powerful audio pickup.
ClearOne Button Microphone - professional conferencing audio
ClearOne Button Microphone – professional conferencing audio 

Button MicrophoneClearOne’s button microphones are ideal as a discreet, professional conferencing audio option. Permanently built into the conference room table or panel, button mics provide an excellent unidirectional or omnidirectional pickup range.

WS800 Digital Wireless Microphone Systems — now with DanteTM technology

The ClearOne Wireless Dante microphones interoperate with other Dante devices from any supplier including ClearOne Dante products such as the new CONVERGE Matrix and the CONNECT Dante bridge for CONVERGE.  The Wireless Microphones are optimized to work with CONVERGE® Pro and INTERACT® Pro products and perfectly complements ClearOne’s professionally installed audio conferencing product lines

Four new models of wireless microphones/transmitters are now available, as well as a base-station receiver with either 4 or 8 channels, which connects to professional audio mixers. The microphone system uses multiple band RF technology, 24-bit digital audio, and strong encryption for security that fits any application.

The popular Ceiling Microphone Array, tabletop microphones, and the newest Beamforming Microphone Array are now joined by the:

  • Wireless tabletop
  • Wireless gooseneck
  • Wireless hand-held
  • Wireless belt-pack lavalier & single-ear headset

The WS800 system boasts important features including:

  • Multiple RF bands (902 to 928 MHz, 710 to 740 MHz, 603 to 630 MHz) for any application
  • New RF bands (M500: 486 to 512 MHz, M586: 573 to 599 MHz, M800: 793 to 819 MHz, M930: 917 to 943 MHz) will be available soon
  • ClearOne’s 24-bit digital signal processing for unmatched, crystal-clear audio
  • 256-bit encryption (conforming to US Govt. AES specifications) for robust security
  • Ability to daisy-chain up to a 32-channel system to support large venues
  • Rechargeable and field-replaceable standard AA batteries for flexible power options
  • Docking station to provide convenient recharging and storage
  • Extension antenna kits to add wider wireless coverage

Configuration software makes it simple to:

  • Set-up Individual Channels
  • Designate Redundant Channels
  • Balance Audio to Mixed Line/Headphone Out
  • Scan RF Environment
  • Set Up Alerts
  • Remote Troubleshooting

Ceiling Microphone Array

Professional ceiling microphone array –  for exceptional audio quality and minimal visibility

The ClearOne Ceiling Microphone Array enhances any conferencing application which demands high-quality audio. Easily installed and affordable, the Ceiling Microphone Array delivers unbeatable conferencing sound with the most unobtrusive microphone placement option. Three, wide-range microphones are mounted together into a single unit array, providing the rich sound of three individual unidirectional microphones while maintaining full 360-degree overage.

Superior audio performance

  • Built-in, low-cut filter, rejects unwanted noise and increases intelligibility
  • Three, wide-range microphones in each unit provide full, 360-degree audio pickup for medium to large conference rooms, overflow areas and training rooms
  • Individual microphones in each array utilize ClearOne’s powerful, auto-mixer features for the exceptional audio
  • Adaptive ambient gating controls constantly adjust to changing environmental noise and counteract unwanted audio.
  • First Microphone Priority eliminates any hollow-sounding audio by balancing the elements, focusing audio pickup on the person speaking and maximizing audio clarity.

Compatibility and Expandability

  • Optimized to work with ClearOne mixers – CONVERGE Pro, INTERACT Pro, INTERACT Pro 8i, INTERACT AT
  • Frees up table space while maintaining superior audio performance
  • Drop-ceiling installation is simple, with different options of RJ45 Cat 5/6/7, plenum-rated cables to match your needs
  • Multiple* ceiling microphone arrays can be connected to any ClearOne mixer for covering a large room space
  • Standard CAT5 Ethernet cable runs back to the mixer
  • Includes 12” and 24” drop-down cables for varying ceiling heights

* The number of ceiling microphone arrays depends on the maximum number of microphone inputs supported by the mixer.

The Beamforming Microphone

The Beamforming Microphone Array is the Pro-Audio industry’s first professional-grade microphone array with beamforming and adaptive steering technology and ClearOne’s next-generation Acoustic Echo Cancellation

The ultra-sleek design fits into any conferencing environment and delivers the clearest audio pickup available. Twenty-four microphone elements steer pickup patterns towards participants and reject unwanted noise and reflections, offering superb and unmatched performance for group conferencing environments.
  • Beamforming & adaptive steering technology
  • Next-generation Acoustic Echo Cancellation
  • 24 microphone elements
  • Mono and stereo modes for diverse applications
  • Flexible mounting for ceiling, tabletop and wall modes
  • Works with CONVERGE® Pro products: 880, 840T, 880T, 880TA
  • Expandable for larger room applications by daisy-chaining up to three arrays per CONVERGE Pro unit
  • Adaptive acoustic processing automatically adjusts to room configuration for best possible audio pickup
  • Replaces up to 10 traditional microphones, with twice the pickup range
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