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Data centri – kontrola i monitoring (Demo)


Kontrola i monitoring

web strana u pripremi – za više informacija:  011 785 4545 ili 

Gamatronic G5 – Data Center C&M device

G5 is a communication device that combines the abilities of power system monitoring with useful extras, such as monitoring of volt-free contacts for external devices, environmental sensing, and voltage and current measurements. G5 can use cellular communication (SMS), email, and voltage-free output contacts to inform the end user of alarm conditions.
The entire system is accessed through a built-in HTML interface, and can be accessed remotely through a web browser. The interface is intuitive and simple, and configuration is straightforward.
G5 enables the user to remotely monitor all current Gamatronic products. G5 also provides specialized power-oriented features, including the monitoring kWh pulse meters and the sending of reports to the end user.


• Input volt-free contacts: up to 13, out of which 5 can be used for kWH pulse metering and one for flood detection.
• Output volt-free contacts: 5, programmable, changeover.
• Temperature sensors: up to 3 (optional).
• Humidity sensor: 1 (optional).
• Analog inputs: 4, can be used for generic sensors or voltage/current measurements (optional isolated transducers for high voltages are available).
• kWH pulse metering: up to 5.
• Serial RS232 port: for UPS or dc power system monitoring.
• RS485 port: for use in Modbus communication.


• Up to 20 recipients for email and SMS notifications.
• Eight user-configurable message groups for routing alarm notifications.
• Remote computer shutdowns with shutdown agent software.
• SNMP v2/v3 communication.
• All UPS protocols are normalized to RFC 1628 (Standard UPS protocol).
• Serial communication supports all Gamatronic UPS systems through SEC, PowerPlus and Megatec protocols.
• Environment measurements: monitors temperatures, humidity, and other generic sensors with simple configuration.
• Voltages and currents can be measured, normally with the addition of external isolating devices from Gamatronic.
• Modbus support, for communication with Building Management Systems (BMS).
• Optional GSM modem allows sending and receiving SMS with configurable alarm notifications.
• Comprehensive event notification can be filtered by message severity.
• Full featured log includes complete system snapshot saved for every event.
• Smart physical design makes installation and connections easy, in both stand-alone and 19″ models.

Automated shutdown of computers

If a UPS is being monitored by G5, and that UPS is providing power to computers, you can instruct G5 to shut down any of those computers in an orderly fashion in the event of a prolonged ac input failure, before the UPS’s battery is exhausted. To achieve that you must install Shutdown Agent software on the computers to be shut down. The Shutdown Agent can be downloaded through a link on the remote shutdown configuration webpage (see section 6.7), or can be obtained from your G5 dealer. Use the same configuration webpage to configure remote shutdowns.

Remote computer shutdown can also be achieved through special dedicated software installed on one of the servers. Such software monitors the UPS through SNMP, and can be configured to send appropriate shutdown signals to specific servers in response to a specific alarm condition. Such software may provide more shutdown options.

kontrola i monitoring – web strana u pripremi – za više informacija: 011 785 4545 ili





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