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Y-Haul    UHF/VHF radio


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Y-Haul is a modern generation of UHF VHF point-to- point and point-to-multipoint wireless communication system. It allows transmission of TDM and Ethernet data over incredible long-range distances. Y-Haul represents the affordablealternative tosatellitelinkforlargecoverage.




Up to 100 km over one hop

Y-Haul provides effective operation even in near-line-of-sight (nLOS), thanks to UHF VHF frequency bands and high output power. Furthermore, Y-Haul integrates both modem and radio within a single outdoor unit: this combination eliminates cable attenuation keeping the system gain extremely high.


Effective spectrum usage

System spectral efficiency goes up to 5 bps/Hz, representing the highest in the category. Y-Haul can transmit the information up to 29 Mbps capacity using only 3.5 MHz bandwidth.


TCO saving

Y-Haul reduces the cost for building masts and towers due to the limited number of stations needed to cover a huge territory and the extremely low requirements for wind loads. Y-Haul can even be installed within trees in a fully autonomous mode, consuming only 50 W.


  • Kapacitet do 20 Mbps;
  • Modulacija – adaptivna od QPSK do 64 QAM
  • Interfejsi – Ethernet/TDM;
  • Dužina linka – do 100 km, LOS, NLOS;
  • Konfiguracija – full outdoor, 1+0, 1+1, 2+0, 1.5+0.5;
  • System gain – do 132 dB.