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LineRunner NMS for KEYMILE SCADA products 


ASMOS – Network Management System for LineRunner


LineRunner ASMOS is the management system for all LineRunner systems.

By using LineRunner ASMOS, you can configure and monitor LineRunner DSL and LineRunner SCADA NG systems. An easy to operate user interface allows you to record and analyse the status of all your units quickly and affordable. With the configurable alarm system, you can set a priority for every type of malfunction report.

With the management SMU/SDU units you can connect one or several sub-racks via IP with your main station. A LineRunner ASMOS can manage up to 32 SMUs at a time.

The NMS can be installed on all commonly-available Windows PCs with Windows XP or Windows 2003 Server.


LineRunner ASMOS highlights

  • 3 ASMOS versions for each particular application
    • LineRunner ASMOS
    • LineRunner ASMOS CT
    • LineRunner ASMOS Pro
  • GUI platform standard Windows PC
  • Database platform (ASMOS Pro) standard Windows PC or LINUX
  • Connection via RS-232 or Ethernet
  • Up to 4000 network elements per ASMOS Pro
  • Integrated user management
  • Client/server architecture
  • Up to 10 remote clients per ASMOS Pro server

The ASMOS versions

ASMOS CT The craft terminal for local configuration of system components via a laptop.
ASMOS The management system for medium-sized LineRunner networks. It can monitor up to 500 transmission paths from a main station and is installed on one PC.
ASMOS Pro Network management for use in large installations. It consists

  • An ASMOS server that accesses the system components,
  • An ASMOS client that allows the user to carry out configurations and monitoring,
  • A database that manages the individual attributes of the units.

The database and server can be set up on different computers to enhance performance.



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